Collage Haggadah

collaged and translated by artist Emily Marbach

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Why is this Haggadah different from all other Haggadot? It's not the Hebrew text -- the full, traditional Ashkenazi Haggadah is inside. But I've created a new translation into modern English that keeps G-d gender-neutral and makes it easy and pleasurable to read. I've added commentaries and comments, and included all the instructions you need to dip and break and raise and sing.


Why is this Haggadah different? Decorating Haggadot has been a Jewish tradition for over a millennium. Since the text was more or less codified, Jewish artists and scribes have been inspired by its contents. The collages interleaved into the story will keep people of all ages engaged during the seder. And as an art book, it can be admired and displayed throughout the year.


I am an American artist who has spent the last 28 years living in England. Collage art and printmaking have been my passion for the last decade. I have been thinking about decorating a Haggadah ever since I can remember. Nearly every year growing up, I was given a Haggadah on Passover as an afikoman present. Some years were more exciting than others. I would like the Collage Haggadah be the one that everyone is hoping to be given. It is packed with collages from my last few years of exploration of Pesach, the exodus from Egypt and the rituals of the seder. For my images visit @collagenottinghill on Instagram.

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(In advance) Because of Covid, word of mouth is key to getting this Haggadah on seder tables for Passover 2021.